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New product Scoutguard SG880MK-8M

bottles of lures

One of the few gsm cameras to operate on the Australian network, comes fully programmed ready to go.

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Spypoint BF-6 NEW product!

Spypoint BF6

Spypoint BF-6, Great Christmas gift idea. Motion detection camera, 6 MP colour day, black & white photos by night and video option avail.

Price $330.00 delivered incl 4GB SD Card

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Best Prices: Professional Trapping Supplies will do their best to provide you, our customer, with prices lower than any other trap provider in Australia. If you can buy better, tell us, and we will make the effort to better any competitors prices.

Widest Range: Traps supplies include rigid cage traps, and foothold traps suitable for trapping wild and feral animals.  We also supply Elliot style folding traps ideal for wildlife field research - catch & release trapping. 

Speciaist species traps include Possum Traps, Dog traps, Cat Traps, Bird Traps (most of which are made at our Gold Coast factory) and Collapsible Cage Traps.

International Brands:  Our current range includes Elliot style folding traps by Sherman Traps, JC Conner - Jake foot hold Traps and Oneida Victor Soft catch Traps.  Plus we carry Trap Hardware and Accessories and Animal Lures and Urines for these items.

IR Cameras: After extensive research, we've picked several of the best IR motion sensor cameras, ideal for remote animal field survey camera traps, or choose for fully covert monitoring suitable for property surveillence, crop and livestock observation. 

Animal Control & Rescue Products, Accessories:  For animal rangers, wildlife rescue, animal carers and animal handlers in wildlife parks, zoos, circuses, veterinary clinics etc., our extensive range will enable and assist your animal handling duties. Ketch-all Control Poles, Telescopic Bite SticksThrow Nets and more.

Blow Pipes and Medical Darts: We stock Addison Blow Pipes for effective immobilisation of excitable, nervous or injured animals, to allow a veterinary check or to administer medical treatment.  Ideal for animal keepers and handlers in vet clinics, animal parks, zoos, and on farms.

Field Research and Wildlife Surveys: We supply a range of folding traps, throw nets and accessories suitable for in-the-field studies, along with the best available IR motion detection digital cameras suitable for surveys, research and remote control monitoring.

Special Orders: If you require a product that is not readily available or too expensive to bring in from overseas, tell us and we will do our best to add the product to our extensive inventory of trapping and animal handling supplies.  We are here to make trapping a pleasure not a burden. 

Humane Traps: Professional Trapping Supplies will not supply or manufacture any trapping product that causes pain or suffering to any living thing.