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Animal control and animal capture equipment, dog and cat rescue products.

Nab Fido on walkabout, rescue Kitty from that tight spot or snag that snake from behind the fridge, with Ketch-All rescue and control products. Domestic and stray animal handling products, suitable for animal rangers and animal handlers.

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Ketch-All poles

Ketch-All poles and grabbers

Manufactured in the USA since 1952, the Ketch-All pole (photo left - red poles top and middle) was designed by  the Ketch-All Company and is used by animal control professionals and other animal handlers worldwide.

The pole is famous for it's versatility. Up a tree - under a building - or in a storm drain, the animal can easily be rescued with a Ketch-All extension pole.  When retracted, it may be used as a heavy duty restraining device.

NEW product! Ketch & Release Pole for quick release version is now available.

  • KA 3 3 foot [910 mm] Price: $130.00
  • KA 4 4 foot [1220 mm] Price: $145.00
  • KA 5 5 foot [1530 mm] Price: $160.00
  • KA 4-6 4/6 ft [1220 mm to 1830 mm] telescopic Price: $199.00
  • NEW product! KA 7-12 7-12 ft Extension Pole Price: $270.00

Replacement cables: Price: $44.00 - $56.00

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Ketch-All Snappy Snares

Ketch-All Snappy snares

Great for restraining animals who are not aggressive, if aggressive use a standard Ketch-All pole (details above)

KAS 49" Price: $65.00 each
KAS 65" Price: $75.00 each

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CG38 Ketch-All Cat Grabber

Ketch-All poles and grabbers

Ketch-All Cat Grabber 38" (photo left - blue stick at bottom), safest way to grab hold of a wild kitty cat in a cage or trap, all heavy duty parts for no fail handling.

CG38  Price: $159.50 each

Accessories: Calico Bags

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Ketch-All Snake Hooks and Snake Tongs

Snake tongs Ketch-All snake hooks

Self explanatory.  Ideal for snake handlers and the rescue and relocation of snakes.  Please note: Standard duty tongs no longer available, Heavy duty only.

Heavy Duty Gentle Giantsnake tongs. Price: $225.00 each

Ketch-All 40" Snake hookPrice: $69.00


Ketch-All Collapsible Snake hook  Price: $85.00

NEW product!Large Snake Bag. Large opening, over 90cm long.
Price $220.00

Replacement bag Price: $130.00.

Ideal in combination with the PTS Micro Mini Cam.

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See also PTS Micro Mini Cam and Calico Bags.

PTS Micro Mini Cam

Similar to the SeeSnake mini cam the PTS Mini Cam allows for easy surveying of small, hard-to-reach places.

PTS mini camera and accessories
  • Mini 9 mm waterproof LED lens, 1.0 meter flexible tube
  • Manufactured and tested to IP67 waterproof standard
  • 3.5” TFT-LCD detachable/mountable monitor
  • built-in rechargeable Li-battery
  • Video recording capability, supports up to 32GB micro SD card
  • Adjustable brightness on lens-mounted LED light
  • 3 useful accessories included: Hook, mirror and magnet
  • Lightweight, handheld design, flexible and convenient to use
  • Hard plastic, lined camera case included

Price: $399.00 each

Information and details
>> PTS Micro Mini Cam

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Telescopic Bite Sticks

Telescopic bite sticks

Expandable baton made from high quality steel construction with soft grip handle, available in 2 lengths, with a heavy duty nylon holster.

TBS 26 650mm folds to 250 mm.  Price: $85.00

TBS 21 530 mm folds to 210 mm Price: $80.00

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"Telescopic Bite Sticks are sold strictly for Animal Control purposes only".

Micro Chip Scanner NEW product!

Find out if Fido or Kitty has a loving owner.

Microchip scanner kit in case
  • Easy to use, great value for money, with or without case.
  • Reads all ISO Standard FDX-B and some FDX-A chips as well
  • Two line display
  • Long life rechargeable battery
  • Internal memory
  • Lightweight, handheld design, flexible and convenient to use

Price:Phone/email for latest exchange rate prices.

Call today on (07) 5539 3926 for Australia's lowest prices on animal control supplies and accessories.

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Throw Nets

Throw Net

New superior design throw nets, lead impregnated 12mm rope provides not only a well weighted outer frame but also a degree of rigidity that helps hold the net open ready to throw.

25mm multi filament high strength netting makes our throw net the best and most economical available suitable for all birds and animals, with a choice of 1000 mm for birds and smaller animals, and 1600 mm diameter for dogs.  We can also custom make any size.

TN 1000 Light weight net, 12mm lead impregnated rope: 1000mm diameter Price: $110.00
TN 1600 Heavy weight net, 12mm lead impregnated rope: 1600mm diameter Price: $159.00

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See also Spring Loaded Net Traps.

CB Calico Bags

Calico bag

Calico bags 750mm x 450mm, ideal for holding small animals, mammals, etc.  with now with tie strings [tiger and tartan ribbon not included]

Large: 750mm x 450mm Price: $3.00 each

Medium: 300mm x 450mm Price: $2.00 each

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Injection Systems

Addison Blow pipe kitGetting close to excitable, nervous or injured animals to immobilise them for a veterinary check or to administer medical treatment, is now easier than ever for animal handlers in wildlife parks, zoos, circuses, veterinary surgeries, vet clinics, animal parks and on farms.

PTS offers specialised blow pipes to enable chemical capture and animal immoblisation of wild animals for research purposes, and for medical administration to zoological wildlife and farm livestock.

Ideal for animal keepers and handlers in vet clinics, animal parks, zoos, circuses, and on farms.

Information and details >>Addison Blowpipes.

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