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After extensive research PTS offers Addison blow pipe kits for medical administration to zoo animals, farm livestock and animals in care.  Effectively immobilise excitable, nervous or injured animals for a veterinary check or to administer medical treatment.

Ideal for animal keepers and handlers in vet clinics, animal parks, zoos, circuses, and on farms, tranqilizer blow pipes are an effective alternative to tranquilizer guns.

Addison blow pipes

Blow pipe kit

Maxi-Ject Blowpipe systems - 2ml, 3ml, and 5ml blowpipe kits providing remote injection (10 to 30 meter range) capability for drug administration needs of veterinarians or animal control professionals.

Each kit provides complete components including reusable syringe darts and needles. Packaged in fully lined zippered cases.

How Does it Work?

The syringes work through the use of air pressure, which injects the drug or vaccine through a hole in the side of the needle, known as a port. The port is sealed by a tiny silicone sleeve, which is pushed back by the animal's skin upon needle penetration. The injection automatically follows, and the sleeve remains at the needle hub for reuse.

Blow pipe syringes

Dart dosages are variable. For example: A three -ml syringe can be used to inject only one-half-ml if desired. The dosage amounts range from one-quarter-ml to five-ml, the largest syringe available.

Helpful Hint - A major feature of the blowpipe is its silence in comparison to a standard capture gun. Silent injections are less likely to disturb animals, allowing for multiple injections without frightening surrounding animals and the patients themselves.

Usage - This is a remote injection system that delivers drugs or vaccine to previously unreachable or excitable animals.  With a little practice the syringe can be targeted from a distance of up to 30 meters, with good accuracy. 

Ideal for animal control officers, zoo and wildlife park animal managment staff.

ADBP: Price: $575.00 incl. GST per kit, syringesPrice: $TBA incl. GST

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