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Accessories for our extensive range of IR motion detection digital cameras (camera traps), including card readers, SD cards, Flash cards, battery chargers, and power supplies.

Please note: Accessories images indicative only, actual product may differ in appearance.

Card Readers

SD card viewer

SD card viewer: $79.95

[Photo right] One of the best SD card viewers we have ever seen, this is the perfect viewer for viewing your camera shots in the field.

  • Support format: JPEG, MP3 Mini USB
  • Interface Built-in 256MB memory
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery
  • Support for media players: SD, MMC, SDHC
  • Wide viewing angle, full color
  • Contrast, brightness, color adjustable
  • Automatic slide display
  • Screen: 3.5 inch [89 mm] (digital display)
  • User manual, USB cable, protective cover, wrist strap

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SD CardsSD Cards: Delkin, Class 20 SD Cards.  Discounts may apply for Bulk purchases or when purchased with cameras.

  •  4GB $20.00
  •  8GB $30.00
  • 16GB $39.90
  • 32GB $49.90

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AA battery charger

Battery Chargers

[Photo right] Enelope Lithium, Ni-Mh, AA battery chargers:

Choose from 8 Cell and 12 Cell Chargers.  Each Cell charges independently of the other.  Includes 12 Volt car lighter adaptor.

8 Cell: $59.00

12 Cell: $69.00

  • Accepts 8 or 12 X AA
  • 240 volt, 50hz, 4.8 w
  • Output 4 x 1.2v 120ma, 2 x 9volt 13ma

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battery converter

Power Supplies

[Photo right]AA to C battery converter tubes converts Reconyx camera to take AA batteries $1.25 each

[Photo not available] AA to D battery converter tubes converts Moultrie cameras to AA batteries $2.30 each

240v to 6v DC power suppply

[Photo left]

240V to 6 V DC power supply: $29.95

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Panasonic alkaline AA batteries

[Photo right] Panasonic alkaline AA batteries AA batteries: $18.00 for 4

"No memory" hold charge, with 95% charge remaining after 12 months.

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Rechargeable Ni-MH 3000uh AA batteries

[Photo right] Rechargeable Ni-MH 3000uh AA batteries: $4.75 each

"No memory" hold charge, with 95% charge remaining after 12 months.

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Security Accessories

Master lock python cable Master Lock Python cable
Master Lock Professional Python cable: $49.95 Master Lock Camo Python cable: $35.00 

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Spypoint security box Reconyx Security Cover
Scoutguard security box
ScoutGuard Security box: $69.95 Spypoint BF12, BF10 Security Box $99.00 Reconyx Security Cover: $99.00

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Camera Mounts

Master lock python cable Scoutguard security box Direct Mount

The CBM (above) can be adjusted 360 degrees in rotation & 180 degress side to side &up & down.

The CBM features a hard anodised ball joint & non reflective powder coated base.

CBM Camera Mount: $49.95

The Fat Gecko swivel mount is the only reliable camera mount that is capable of handling the weight of a security box & camera.

The Australian made thread adaptor allows this mount to be fitted directly to a camera as well.

Fat Gecko: $69.95

Below: Fat Gecko swivel mount in place.

Direct Mount $52.00
SB swivel mount in action

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See also: Moultrie, Spypoint, Scout Guard and Reconyx IR cameras in stock.

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