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Scoutguard SG880MK-8M

Want to know who's visiting, but can't get to the survey site every day to check traps?

Or you can't be in two places at once to observe comings and goings; who's using pathways, trails, tracks, burrows, nests, watering holes and feeding grounds?

Need a cost effective solution for monitoring capital farm equipment and livestock movements, or for crop security?

Then automated camera traps, and remote monitoring infra red motion detector digital cameras are the go!

Example of IR camera image: Dingo snapped on Gold Coast, ABC NEWS By Tom Forbes, Fri Jun 12, 2009

After extensive research, we've picked several of the best IR motion sensor cameras.  Check out our range below, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Moultrie, Wildview, Spypoint, Bushnell, Cuddleback, Scout Guard, Stealth and Reconyx are excellent infrared trail cameras suitable for wildlife field studies, native animal surveys and research, livestock and crop security, and any remote location or hard-to-get-to place you'd like activity to be checked regularly.

NEW!: Spypoint "Black Box" and Video camera traps in Stock now, with “IR cell phone cameras” Arriving Soon: IR motion detection cameras that can send images to a seperate storage receiver, offer superb video resolution, or can send photos in real time to your mobile phone, email address or web site.

Reconyx Number plate capture

In Stock NOW IR Reconyx SM750 number plate motion detection cameras.

We also provide accessories including SD cards, Express cards, batteries and chargers, as regular stock items.

Watch this site for current updates and information on what's coming in IR motion detection technology and new products.

Spy Point Remote IR Motion Detection Cameras

Outdoor remote wireless infrared ir cameras.  Spypoint Australia infrared digital surveillance cameras are ideal for use in remote areas, and where covert monitoring is needed.

Spyoint Tiny-WWidely used for farm security, crops and livestock monitoring, capital equipment surveillance, and  as a front line deterrent against theft, sabotage, vandalism and graffiti.

In Stock Now
  • Tiny-W NEW product! The completely new & innovative Tiny W-3 is a favourite with local councils and government departments.  A fully covert, black flash camera, it takes colour photos by day, black & white by night and 10-90 seconds HD video with sound.
  • Spypoint HD12 Offers a host of features not provided on other cameras, in particular the remote motion sensor.
  • The WRL-B Wireless motion detection system has up to four detectors, great for creating a wider monitoring zone in less accessible areas.
  • Accessories include Black Flash IR Booster and adjustable mounting arm.
  • Deal directly with the Australian distributor.

More information and details >> Spy Point Remote IR Motion Detection Cameras

We also provide accessories including SD cards, Express cards, batteries and chargers, as regular stock items.

Moultrie Game Spy Digital Game Cameras

Moultrie panoramic digital game cameraEach Moultrie digital game camera is impressive, and provides the ultimate outdoor scouting experience for the outdoors enthusiast that wants a top-of-the-line infrared game camera at an affordable price.

NEW product! Choose from 8MP and 10MP resolutions, with fully covert or low glow flash and panoramic field of view, rapid trigger times, still and video, day and night image captures, and more.

More information and details >> Moultrie Digital IR Motion Detector Cameras

Reconyx HyperFire™ High Output Covert IR Cameras

Reconyx digital IR cameraThe Roles Royce in IR trail cameras.  When you buy a Reconyx camera you are purchasing an all American-made

RECONYX Silent Image Game Cameras have been the choice of Wildlife Researchers and Universities since 2003.

No-Glow™ High Output Covert Infrared Technology eliminates the tell-tale red glow common to other Infrared Cameras.  The HC600 HyperFire camera now has even longer battery life using 12 AA size batteries, enabling the camera to run continuously up to one year.

HyperFire™ ™ cameras utilize Secure Digital (SD® or SDHC®) Memory Cards to capture full 1080P High Definition images at speeds as fast as 2 frames per second.

You will notice increased image quality day and night with our exclusive Ultra HD IR™ camera lens, providing images that are sharper and clearer than ever before.

Price: $on application. More information and details >> Reconyx Digital IR Motion Detector Cameras

Scout Guard IR Cameras

ScoutGuard SG550V and SG550VPTS have been superseded.

Scout Guard Trail Camera with remote viewer

NEW product! New models now in stock!

Choose from full "stealth mode" Zero Glow zero flash, Low Glow - no visible flash but red glow at night, and EcoGlow - White Flash, for full colour night still and video images.

Ideal for remote native animal surveys, wildlife field research, and as spy cams for monitoring farm equipment, crop security, livestock and vehicle movements in paddocks and along boundaries.

Price: $ASK, shipped anywhere in Australia FREE

More information and details >> Scout Guard Cameras

PTS Micro Mini Cam

Similar to the SeeSnake mini cam the PTS Mini Cam allows for easy surveying of small, hard-to-reach places.

PTS mini camera and accessories
  • Mini 9 mm waterproof LED lens, 1.0 meter flexible tube
  • Manufactured and tested to IP67 waterproof standard
  • 3.5” TFT-LCD detachable/mountable monitor
  • built-in rechargeable Li-battery
  • Video recording capability, supports up to 32GB micro SD card
  • Adjustable brightness on lens-mounted LED light
  • 3 useful accessories included: Hook, mirror and magnet
  • Lightweight, handheld design, flexible and convenient to use
  • Hard plastic, lined camera case included

Price: $399.00 each

More information and details >> PTS Micro Mini Cam

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