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48F Tru-Catch folding trap

Tru-Catch folding trap is suitable for larger dogs and wombats

The 48F Tru-Catch Trap is a good example of quality Amerian trapping products. A one-piece trap that folds inside itself for easy storage and transporting, it has a heavy duty carrying handle.

When set up, the four spring-loaded locks secure the corners for strong, sturdy trap. Can be set up and folded in less than 3 minutes.

48F:  Price: $675.00 GST incl.48F set and and working.

Size: 1220 mm x 500 mm x 650 mm Set Up
1220 mm x 510 mm x 150 mm Folded
Construction: 6 mm Frame, 12 gauge 50 mm x 25 mm Welded Wire.
Unique self-locking, positive-catch door lock
Animal cannot back out once trip is activated
High-tempered locking rings on door catch
Powder-coated brown finish for low visibility and long life.
Use: Large dogs (german sheperd size) and wombats

  • Very good for domestic animals
  • Lay-down, heavy-duty handle
  • Steel frame featuring machine-made framing.
  • High-tempered locking rings on door catch.
  • Extra heavy-duty, variable trigger setting mechanism.
  • Turn trap upside down and door will automatically open for release.
  • Easy to camouflage, set and chain and lock to a stationary object.
  • Ideal for transporting animals.
  • Durable for stacking, shipping, and storage.

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FSD440 Cage Trap Proudly Australian Made

Bat wing door open, showing width and closed

NEW! FSD440 bat wing door 800mm long, 440mm high, 380mm wide, all galvanized parts.

Replaces CSD425 and CSD425L models.

Suit foxes, small dogs.

FSD440 bat wing door, fox and small dog cage trap, unique door system avoids protruding door system as with other manufacturers traps and provides a lock system that eliminates animal escape.

Click here to view large side-on image of cage (will load in pop-up window).

FSD440: Price: $345.00 GST incl.

FSD440R Rear Door Fox Trap: Price: $399.00 GST incl.

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Col-D The Collarum™ Snare

dog caught in Collarum snare

100% Canine Specific, suit dogs, foxes, dingoes.

Adjustable Trigger. Reusable cable The Collarum™ is designed to capture K9s (dingo, fox, dog, etc.) by throwing a cable loop over their head and around the neck.

The end of the capture loop is anchored in the ground and the canine is held like a dog on a chain.

It is unique in several ways.  First, it is canine-specific because of the trigger mechanism. Collarum snare

The trigger requires a pull action rather than the push/depress mechanism normally employed by traps. The only animals caught by the Collarum™ are canines.  The trigger and spring-loaded action distinguish the Collarum™ from snares which can be very indiscriminate in what they capture.

Second, this trap is much safer to utilize in areas where people, pets and other domestic animals may come in contact with it.

An unknowing human springing the Collarum™ is at little risk.

Animals other than canines are very unlikely to be caught by this device even if they spring it, and captured domestic dogs can be released with no harm done.

Col-D Price: $245.00 GST incl.

Replacement Relax-a-lock cable for dog/fox: Col RC3.03 Price: $24.00 GST incl.

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Foothold (softcatch) dog traps

dog caught in collarum snare

From three of Americas most respected manufacturers, we supply "Jake" foothold traps from J.C Conner, Bridger and Minnesota Brands, suitable for dogs and dingoes, and the Oneida Victor range of foothold traps, suitable for rabbits, foxes and dogs.

Price: from $40.00 GST incl.

Click here to see our complete range of softcatch foot hold traps.

We also supply the trap hardware for these products.

And you can improve your productivity with the "Little Ripper" trap setter and Sullivan trap tester.

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We also stock the largest selection of authentic lures, urines, attractants and additives available in Australia, to entice your target animal to your traps.

And be sure to check out our range of Ketch-All poles, grabbers, bite sticks, throw nets and other animal control and rescue products.

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