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Slithery snake grabbers, frisky dog nabbers, stranded cat baggers, you name it, we've got it!  >> More ...

PTS snake finder mini cam PTS Snake finder Mini Camera

Save time, sweat and fears with the perfect tool for locating snakes under furniture, inside nesting boxes, burrows, etc..  Full colour screen with flexible waterproof cable and head.  >> More ... Check for latest price - was $399.00 incl. GST incl.

>> Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose which trap is best?  Choose from our Species quick list in the box above, or the navigation bar to the left, and read the trap descriptions carefully, to choose the best one. 

Can you recommend a trapper or pest control company?  It's best to check with your local council or look up the Yellow Pages®.

I can hear scuffling/rustling sounds in the roof/walls.  What is it?  Contact your local pest control operator to come and identify the critter and remove it.

How do I set up the trap, and what bait do I use?  Set-up instructions and best baits to use are provided with your order.

How much does freight cost?  Freight charges vary according to your delivery address and the trap/s selected.  Email us to get a freight quote

How long will it take for my order to arrive? Usually 7-10 days.  Most products shipped next workday after receipt of order. We ship to all states of Australia and overseas.

How can I pay for my trap/s?  Credit card facilities are available.

Do you have bird traps?  Yes, check out the PT385 for pigeons and the Spring loaded Net Traps for birds.


Which trap is best for cats? The CSD310 is the best domestic cat trap. contact us for advise on best trap for huge ferals.

Which trap is best for rats? The RPT260 is best for rodents, especially the larger Bush rats.  Note:  Rat traps are NOT suitable for mice.  We no longer supply mouse traps.

Which trap is best for possums? It depends on the species, as possums vary in size.  For both smaller Ring tailed and the big Brush tailed possums, which are the most frequent native “visitors” to human habitation (usually after their tree/hollow has been destroyed), the RPT260 is the most effective possum trap.

Which trap is best for brush turkeys? Contact us for the best trap for Brush turkeys.

Which trap is best for foxes? The FSD440 is effective for foxes, but see our full range of dog and canine traps.

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