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Paws-I-Trip Pan Tension Kit

Paws-I-Trip kit

Paws-I-Trip, Pan Tension Kit #PIT-11, Fits #3 Soft-Catch coils.

Enhance your traps capability, effectiveness and sensitivity by adding heavy duty quality hardware, increases life expectancy and decreases failed captures.  The perfect addition to your Victor traps. T-bar shock spring assembly supplied as standard with all Jake traps.

Paws-I-Trip pan tension kits attach easily to conventional traps to provide automatic tension. Audible set point, minimal pan creep, and no pan wobble.  Tension can be easily adjusted by bending the special dog up or down.  Simple to install, no special tools or welding, instructions included.

PT-11 Price: $8.80 each

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Taos Lightning™ Springs

Taos spring lock

Photo left: Taos Spring Kit for 1 ½ and 3 Victor.

The double torsion springs are made from the highest quality music wire available. The spring pin is made from high tensile steel and will not bend.  Heavy spring lock included.

When powering up your trap, the main thing I like about 4 coiling over adding stronger replacement springs, is the 4 coil also gives the trap a more even balance when it's triggered.

The extra power and speed you need without overdoing it.What's so convenient about the Taos Lightning™ Spring is once it's set up, all you have to do is loosen the lock, slide the spring off or on (depending on the ground condition and the power you need). Tighten the lock and you are ready.

TSK 3 and TSK 1 Price: $7.50 each

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Assembly Items: Shock Springs, Swivels, Stake Rings etc.

T-bar shock spring assembly

In line T-bar shock spring assembly shown with MB Crunch proof swivels and double stake ring

MB Crunch proof in-line swivel T-bar shock spring Chestnut double stake ring
MBC Crunch proof in-line swivel
Price: $2.00 each
T-bar sp shock spring
Price: $7.00 each
CDSR Chesnut double stake ring
Price: $2.85 each
Quick Link Double stake swivel Black Chain: for all
soft catch traps
QL Quick Link
Price: $2.80 each
BDSS Double stake swivel
Price: $2.80 each
CH 12 Black Chain
Price: $4.50 per mtr.

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Base plates

base platesFor Victor #3 and Victor 1½.  With Victor 4 spring. It's best to strengthen up the base frame to prevent distortion, D ring included.

BP3 and BP 1½ Price: $3.80

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Steel Trap Stakes

RPT260For anchoring foot hold traps, double welded top nut and pointed ends. Click here for enlargement.  3 sizes:

  • 600 mm long: Price: $7.50 each

See also stake rings above.

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Trap Surface Treatments

Clear trap wax

Traps need treatment before use.  Experienced trappers take a lot of time ensuring their traps don't look like traps to animals; shiny metal stands out like a stop signal to animals.

Boil your traps and all fittings and develop a light coating of rust, then treat with a good dye and protect with a wax that will protect the surface from corrosion and provide a non reflective coating.

RLD Red Logwood Dye This powered dye removes light rust and turns traps a dark color. One pound will treat 1-2 dozen large traps or 2-4 dozen smaller traps.

Packed in 1-pound packages. Price: $9.00 per lb Black trap wax

BCD Black Crystal Dye Genuine black logwood crystals are the favorite of many trappers. Removes light rust and turns the traps to dark blueblack color.

One pound will treat 2-4 dozen larger traps or 4-6 smaller traps.

Black Trap Wax Price: $9.00 per lb

TW Trap Wax.  This Wax is non-cracking and odorless. Used on all steel traps. Use enough wax to completely cover the traps.  Price: $14.00 per kilo

Liquid Trap Dye New  Price: $14.00

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We also stock the largest selection of authentic lures, urines, attractants and additives available in Australia, to entice your target animal to your traps.

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