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Bottles of lures, urine and attractionsThe largest range of genuine and authentic lures, urines and additives available in Australia today including Dobbins, Lenon's, O'Gorman and Russ Carman.

Animals all have a similar instinct to investigate a potential rival or mate.  These lures and urines work just as well in Australia as in North America.

New range of lures and "calls" coming soon.  Visit again to see when they are here!


One of Americas famous lure producers.

Canine Select: This curiosity paste canine lure, drives them nuts. Works great on fox, dogs and cats. Price: $27.00 each incl. GST 30ml bottle

GL-40 Lure Dobbins' GL-40 Lure is a Red Fox gland lure that has added ingredients to make it attractive all year long. It is attractive to Fox.  Price: $27.00 each incl. GST 30ml bottle

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Lenon's Lures - Currently out of Stock

Lenon's Coyote #1 Super All Call Lure It is a well aged, long lasting, thick paste lure that gets the canine every time. Coyote glands, exotic musk, and multiple premium ingredients appeal to all dogs; hunger, sex, curiosity, and nature. Price: $22.50 30ml bottle

Lenon's Coyote #3 Nature's Call Lure A liquefied mixture of select coyote glands and enhanced female secretions. Natural passion and curiosity agents are added for maximum lure attraction. This lure will also add an immense appeal at a hole set when used in combination with your favorite bait. Price: $22.50 30ml bottle

Lenon's Fox #3 Nature's Call Lure. A premium mixture of red fox glands and enhanced female secretions liquefied into a remarkable natural type lure. All natural passion and curiosity ingredients are added to really bring fox into the set. Price: $22.50 30ml bottle

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O’Gorman is an American institution when it comes to trapping.

60 ml bottles Price: $38.00 each incl. GST

  • Missouri Breaks: New ingredients added to make it reach out. Originally a fox call of extreme ability but now a favourite dog call.
  • Gumbo: One of the best fox and dog selling lures. Very loud and has a lingering odour that is hard to beat.
  • Plenty Coyotes: This is a call lure that really puts the hurt on dingos and wild dogs. If you aren't having results with what you are using, try this one
  • L.D.C. (Long Distance Call): The most famous of the musk calls. This deadly lure works anywhere or anytime with all canines

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Russ Carman Lures and Urines

Bottles of lure liquid

Here’s a man who knows how to make lures!


30 ml bottles: All Price: $27.00 each incl. GST

  • Canine Call: Dog or Fox, attractive to all members of the wild canine family. As a long distance call lure for use some distance from the set, use it directly at set with amazing results
  • Pro's Choice: Dog and fox, a lure that has won a great reputation. At test holes where no trap is used, the fox and dog will dig out a hole to four times its original size the first night
  • Magna-Glan: Fox and dog, a lure with a loud and peculiar odour unlike and other lure you've ever smelled a multi-purpose lure with an equal, and deadly attraction to all wild canines
  • Trails End: Dog, Fox, cats, truly super lure that no fox, dog or cat can resist, heavy thick lure with a powerful & long-lasting odour that will last days-even weeks
  • Final Touch: Red Fox, a lingering, long-lasting odour that will stop every passing fox dead in his tracks

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  • Red fox urine: Pure un-diluted, 473ml bottles. RFU: Price: $25.00 each incl. GST
  • Coyote urine: Gets the curiosity of Australian dogs, splash a bit when setting traps. 473ml bottles. CU: Price: $25.00 each incl. GST
  • Muscaro Musk: High Purity 30ml bottles.  MM: Price: $35.00 each incl. GST
  • Skunk pure quill: Any luremaker wanting any calling power uses this ingredient, it's in much demand across the trapping trade.  Don’t leave this one laying around in your car!  This is the real stuff, not like most of the tinctured products on the market today.  30ml bottles SPQ: Price: $55.00 each incl. GST Currently out of Stock Go on our mailing list and be notified of stock arrivals.

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All additives in 30 ml bottles Price: $14.00 each incl. GST

  • Synthetic Fermented Egg - SFE: rotten egg gas, it pongs as is, or add a bit to anything.
  • Loganberry Oil - LO: A touch of this to your favourite lure or urine.
  • Tonquin Musk Tincture - TMT: Don't let them get used to one lure type.
  • Ambrette Musk Oil - AMO: Canines like the sweet sour odour.
  • Cheese Essence Oil - CEO: Even McDonald's™ uses cheese to entice.
  • Shrimp Essence Oil - SEO: No dog or fox can go past the smell of seafood.
  • Asafoetida Liquid - AL: The powder version is used in curries so give fido a taste of takeaway.
  • Honey Essence - HE: Special for canines with a sweet tooth.
  • Lovage Oil - LVO:  They say it makes canines amorous. Currently out of Stock Go on our mailing list and be notified of stock arrivals.
  • Smoke Bacon Fragrance Oil - SBFE: What canine in its right mind would pass up smoked bacon?
  • Catnip Oil - CO: Here kitty, kitty, kitty ....

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