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RPT260 Proudly Australian Made


Hello Possums!  600 mm x 260 mm x 240 mm. The one the professionals use, best choice for householders with brushtail possums in the roof, plus all small animals.

Used extensively by ecological organizations, NPWS, EPA and those involved in research.

Suit small species: Ring tail possums, brushtail possums, bandicoots, sugar gliders.

RPT260: Price: $100.00 incl. GST

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FSD440 Cage Trap  New! Proudly Australian Made

Bat wing door open, showing width and closed

NEW! FSD440 bat wing door 800mm long, 440mm high, 380mm wide, all galvanized parts.

Replaces CSD425 and CSD425L models.

Suit foxes, small dogs.

NEW ! FSD440 bat wing door, fox and small dog cage trap, unique door system avoids protruding door system as with other manufacturers traps and provides a lock system that eliminates animal escape.

Click here to view large side-on image of cage (will load in pop-up window).

FSD440: Price: $345.00 GST incl.

FSD440R Rear Door Fox Trap: Price: $399.00 GST incl.

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PTS1088 Folding Trap

PTS1088 folding collasible cage trap

From one of the USA's well respected trap manufacturers: folding, collapsible trap, size 205 mm wide x 210 mm high and 610 mm long, folds down to 38 mm x 205 mm x 685 mm.

Suits: ferret, rabbit, ringtail possum, bandicoot, white tail rat.

PTS1088: Price: $100.00 incl. GST

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PTS1089 Folding Trap

Duck traps

Folding, collapsible trap.  Size: 265 mm wide x 325 mm high x 805 mm long, folds down to 65 mm x 265 mm x 950 mm.

Suits: Quolls, cats

Manufactured by one of Americas leading trap manufacturers HAVAHART Ideal for ecological survey work where size is important.

PTS1089:Price: $130.00 each incl. GST

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