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CSD440 Super Cat/Bush Turkey trap Proudly Australian Made

CSD440 spring door cat trap

Australia's most effective feral cat trap has been upsized to suit brush turkeys.

Measuring 80cm long, 44cm high, 38cm wide with foot paddle activation, the CSD440 is perfectly suited to catch scrub turkeys and bush turkeys.

CSD440/Super Price: $275.00 each

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PT385 Pigeon Trap Proudly Australian Made

PT385 pigeon trap

Without doubt Australia's most effective pigeon trap, the PT385 has entrances on 2 sides, unique design that encourages pigeons to enter the corner sections.  8-10 bird capacity.

740 mm x 250 mm x 38.5 mm.  Capacity 6/8 birds, heavy steel top and bottom frames and 2.5 mm galvanised mesh.

PT385:Price: $166.00

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PT380 Magpie Trap Proudly Australian Made

PT385 pigeon trapThe Magpie trap has a caged area for the calling bird at the rear with its own access door.  In the rest of the trap there is a large paddle area which initiates the trap door.

Dimensions are 80cm L x 44cm H x 38cm W.

For easy removal of the captured bird there is a second access door on the side of the trap, so there is no need to open the large trap door and risk accidental release of the problem bird.

PT380:Price: $375.00

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Spring loaded Net Traps Proudly Australian Made

PTS590 Net trap laid flat

This is a single-catch closing net bird trap for placing flat on the ground.  This bird trap is ideal for most species that can be baited.

2 sizes available 590 mm and 960 mm (PTS590 shown left).

Spring loaded, when the bait in the centre pan is pecked a net is thrown over the bird, great for swooping birds and most species from small birds to ducks and drakes.

Note: centre trip pan activation is only suitable for single bird targets.  If trapping more than one bird at a time, trap should be fitted with Manual trip kit and trap activated when all birds are well inside trap frame area.

Americans developed the spring loaded net trap, but it took an Australian to perfect it!

Made in Australia with an extensive list of improvements over the American version:

  • Replaceable net [net kits sold as separate DIY kit]
  • Can be operated automatically activated with the bird pecking the bait trap
  • Manual operation via a remote line or cord [line or cord not supplied with trap]
  • Safety latch while fitting and adjusting
  • Guide rails preventing net from damage by trip mechanism
  • 2 stage sensitivity for small or large birds by way of interchangeable latch bar
  • Separate radio control unit available with activation range of up to 300 meters
  • PTS590 590mm x 590mm bird trap Suitable for small to medium species from Common Mynas (Indian Mynas), up to magpies Price: $175.00
  • PTS960 960mm x 960mm bird trap Suitable for larger birds, from crows to ducks and peacocks Price: $275.00

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