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Australia's most extensive range of Lures, Urines, “Calls” and Accessories!

Bottles of lures, urine and attractions

PTS currently offers the largest range of genuine and authentic lures, urines and additives available in Australia, to the professional hunter.

Brands include Border Crossing, Dobbins, O'Gorman, Russ Carman and Wildlife Research Centre.

Animals all have a similar instinct to investigate a potential rival or mate.  These lures and urines work just as well in Australia as in North America.

All of our lures and urines have been treated/irradiated.*

*A copy of the treatment certificate can be provided should you require.

US fluid measures: 1oz = approx. 30mL, 2oz = approx. 59mL, 4oz = approx. 118mL, US 1 pint = approx. 0.47L


Magnum Call (Replacement for O'Gorman's Long Distance Call) - Blackie's Blend Magnum-Call Lure is loud and loaded with skunk essence for power.  Underneath the top odour of skunk is the base of glands, musk's, castor and two food odours.  Tacky paste consistency for a slow, steady odour release that lasts, and you can make it stick anywhere at the set or higher up.  It's weather resistant. 

TKO Lure (Replacement for Carmen's Trails End) - Blackie's Blend TKO Lure is an original formula lure that capitalizes on the four great weaknesses a predator has:  food, territorial, sexual and curiosity.  Many lures will catch pups, allowing the adults to run free.  Not so with TKO.  It has the all-season proficiency to attract the mature ones. This lure has a terrific overlap in effectiveness from adult canines to the big feisty toms of the cat family.  If you want to make a difference this season you owe it to yourself to try Blackie's #1 selling predator lure -- TKO.

1 oz. (approx. 30 ml) bottles: All Price: $27.00 each

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Border Crossing

Estrus Sow and Rutting Boar in a stick - is 100% natural pig scent.

The patented stick formula is so effective and resilient, it is weather resistant and can be used as an attractant or as a cover scent. Never before has a pig scent been so easy and convenient. The stick formula does not melt and will not freeze.

Estrus Sow in a Stick - is perfect for placing a sow in heat in your hunting area, upwind of bedding and feeding areas. Simply wipe it on rocks, trees or brush and re apply for desired strength. Great for quick and quiet use with no mess, spilling or leaking. Holds up in extreme weather conditions.

Rutting Boar in a Stick - is 100% rutting board urine added to the Board Crossing Patented stick formula. This lure allows you to quickly and quietly place the scent of a rutting boar in your hunting area. Simply apply to outdoor surfaces, such as rocks, trees and brush. Reapply for desired strength. Hold up in extreme weather conditions, with no mess, spilling or leaking.

Stick: All Price: $44.00 each

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Caven Lures

Gusto - More time was spent developing Caven's Gusto Lure than any other Caven Lure.

It's easy to make a call lure with just a “skunky” smell, but Tim Caven wanted much, much more out of this one.  When you crack the cap, you will certainly smell skunk but underneath you will detect a sweet odour consisting of a generous dose of castor and muskrat musk.  To top it off, Gusto contains “special agents”, and it is put up in a thick base so it hangs in there for a long time.

Use Gusto above your sets during warm weather and directly at your sets when it starts to cool down.  Made for red fox, grey fox, coyotes, bobcats and for you marten and fisher trappers, “it doesn't get any better than this.”

Minnesota Red - The “fox” comes out of the bottle at you when you open Caven's Minnesota Red Lure. This isn't a bottle of urine with a gland dragged through it, but rather very thick and heavy bodied.  Minnesota Red is the real thing for the scent post set but also is a big plus at dirt sets when used with bait, as it removes suspicion as well as attracts.

Violator 7 - Caven's Violator-7 Lure is a thick, strong, musky lure for coyote, fox, bobcat, fisher, marten and raccoon.  Use at either dirt holes or flat sets.  This lure is a properly balanced blend of weasel, muskrat, mink and red fox glands plus beaver castor and a hint of skunk.  After aging for a full year it is fixed and stabilized.

Price: $27.00 each

Dobbins Lures

One of Americas famous lure producers, and an Aussie favourite.

Canine Select: Dobbins' Canine Select Lure is a curiosity paste canine lure that drives them nuts. Works great on foxes and cats.

GL-40 Lure Dobbins' GL-40 Lure is a Red Fox gland lure that has added ingredients to make it attractive all year long. It is attractive to dogs and Foxes.

1 oz. (approx. 30 ml) bottles: All Price: $27.00 each

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Bobcat Lure - Dunlap's Bobcat Lure is a unique lure that gets feline's attention.  It has been very successful and continually pulls the numbers. This is one of the top performers in the States for felines.

1 oz. (approx. 30 ml) bottle: Price: $27.00 each

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Fox Frenzy - One of the most popular lures.  A thick blend of glands and musk's that's truly different.  This lure will outperform others!  For use with fox and cat.

Wind Walker - A predator food lure with a thick, syrupy consistency, with a pinch of skunk. Effective at all types of sets.  Great on foxes and cats.  Mark June's best “all around” lure.

Fox Predator Frenzy - This is the ultimate change-up lure.  This is a phenomenal lure made from red fox, coyote and bobcat glands.  The curiosity aspect of this gland combination cannot be overstated.  Predators love it!

Smoky Post - June's Smokey Post Lure is Mark June's Ace-in-the-hole lure to juice up urine posts for maximum results.  Predator control agents report that canines readily approach in all kinds of weather.  Mark renders several agents in a lengthy process that assures a consistent lure requiring only a number of drops:  warm weather 4-6 drops and cooler weather 6-10 drops.

Smoke Post is a true change up lure on any trap line.  This lure keeps urine posts the #2 catcher overall on Mark's canine line.

4 oz. (approx. 118 ml) bottles: All Price: $60.00 each

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O'Gorman's Lures Updated

O'Gorman is an American institution when it comes to trapping.

Gumbo - Very loud lingering odour, best for Fox and dogs.

Government Call This is a food passion scent originally developed and designed specifically for use on the M-44's and since then has consistently proven its self at trap sets.

Thousands of canines have been taken on this scent.  Excellent scent to be used in hot weather.  Grease based for protection against heavy rain conditions.  Effective 12 months out of the year.  Will take the old sly ones when many other things fail.  Mild, but clingy and attractive. This is O'Gorman's bestselling lure.

Long Distance Call not available until 2015 (See Blackies replacement)

Missouri Breaks - This Lure is a legend for catching foxes.  Customers call it the “super call” of the fox scents.  No imitation ingredients used.  Only the best pure musks.  The all-time “King of the Fox Scents.”  Thousands of fox to its credit!

Cat Passion - O'Gorman's Cat Passion Lure holds a very intensive attraction for a cat.  A secret ingredient, not commonly used, will cause a cat to rub and get his face covered with saliva.  Combined with 5 other ingredients known to good cat trappers, this is a unique and different cat lure.  Contains no catnip.

2 oz. (approx. 59 ml): All Price: $40.00 each

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Russ Carman's Lures Updated

Bottles of lure liquid

Pro's Choice - Dog & Fox Lure with great reputation. At test holes where no trap is used the fox or dog will dig out the hole four times its original size.

Magna Gland - Fox & Dog lure with a loud and peculiar odour unlike any other lure. A good multipurpose lure with an equal and deadly attraction to wild canines.

Final Touch - A lingering, long-lasting odour that will stop every passing fox dead in its tracks.

Trails End not available until 2015 (See Blackies replacement)

Here’s a man who knows how to make lures!

1 oz. (approx. 30 ml) bottles: All Price: $27.00 each

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Fascination - Excellent on a wide range of animals.  This is a good all round lure with tons of staying power.  Excellent for fox.

Fascination XXX - A loud long distance call lure that is not just a bunch of skunk essence, but a mixture of oils and musk's blended in to give it peak attractiveness.

Addiction - A combination food/gland lure with a sweet and sour smell.  This lure has a very unique base and smell that make it a good choice at flat sets and an outstanding change-up lure at all sets.  Excellent for both dogs and foxes.

Prairie King - This gland lure is thick and heavy, with a touch of red fox glands which was added for an aggressive reaction from canines.

4 oz. (118 ml) bottles: All Price: $60.00 each

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Wildlife Research Centre

This company is on the cutting edge for deer lure manufacturing.

Special Golden Estrus: Natural whitetail doe urine with estrus secretions.

Select Estrus #1: Natural deer urine scent with estrus secretions.  Especially effective during the rut.  Use with a wick or smear on a branch or twig

Trails End 307: Natural deer-calling ingredients, developed from research on wild whitetail deer.  Especially attractive during the rut.

1 oz. (approx. 30 ml) bottles: All Price: $30.00 each

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Urines - 1 pint volume

All our urines are pure and undiluted

For trappers with bigger needs.

Freeborough's One-Shot New Freeborough's One-Shot is a predator urine and gland mix with special ingredients added.  One-Shot keeps them at your set and really makes them dig to get at it.

1 pint (approx half litre) : Price: $33.00 each

PTS also supplies the following in pint volumes:

  • Red Fox Urine - $32.00
  • Coyote Urine  - $32.00
  • Bobcat Urine  - $44.00

1 pint (approx half litre) : Price: from $32.00 - $44.00 each

Animal Extracts
  • Coyote glands
  • Red Fox glands
  • Beaver Caster

4 oz. (approx 118 ml) : ALL Price: from $60.00 each

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Additives Updated

Lure and Bait Making Supplies.

Dobbins Bait SolutionNew (pint) $44.00 - Dobbins' Bait Solution is an enticing liquid blend that, when mixed with your chunked or ground bait, is irresistible to canines. One pint is enough to treat one gallon of meat bait.

Marsyada’s Maxima Bait Solution New (pint) $44.00 - Marsyada's Maxima Bait Solution is recommended to any trapper who likes to put up his own bait.  Works on any chunk or ground flesh that is fresh or tainted.  This solution comes in a pint bottle and even works on fish and chicken. A pint makes enough bait for 150 - 200 sets.

Fish Grease New (pint) $27.00. Fish Grease is excellent for use as a base or as an attractor itself smeared at a set.  It has a long lasting fishy odour and is in paste form.

Lovage Oil Tincture (4 oz.) $55.00.  Lovage Oil Tincture is a passion ingredient that is highly attractive to canines.

Asafoetida Tincture (4 oz.) $55.00

Crayfish Oil New (pint) $44.00.  Loud and long lasting, crayfish oil is an excellent attractor (used in North America for Coon, Mink and Otter).

Dakota Line Canine Kicker New (pint) $44.00 - A “Spiked Up” urine that draws out the territorial instinct in canines. A penetrating aroma with calling attributes.

Pete Rickard Skunk Buster New  Unpleasant odours are only a memory with Pete Rickard's Skunk Buster.  This is not a scented cover up.  It actually destroys odours by neutralizing the objectionable smell. Pete Rickard's Skunk Buster can be sprayed on directly or used in the laundry.

Pump spray bottle.  8 oz. (approx. 220 ml) $20.00

Synthetic Fermented Egg - 1 oz. $14.00

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Trap Surface Treatments

Trap wax

See Trap Hardware - Surface Treatments for more details.

Red logwood dye $ 9.00

Black Trap Wax $ 9.00

Trap Wax $14.00 / kilo

Liquid Trap Dye $14.00 New

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Bait Pouch  New $15.00 each

Lure Pouch New $15.00 each

Urine Pouch New $10.00 each

Spray tops for Urine bottles New $ 3.00

Lure Capsules New $ 1.00 each

Scent eggs New $ 5.00 each

Dropper caps New $ 1.00 each

Heavy duty animal release pole $88.00 each  See description.

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See also Steel stakes and additional trap hardware available, along with trap setters and testers.

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