Snake Tongs

Snake Catcher Tongs

Snake Catcher tongs are an important part of a snake handling operation. Due to the safety they provide to the user. Along with the safety it provides to handling the reptile. The snake tongs have rubber ends to help grip to snake and provide comfort to the animal metal can’t.

Snake tongs are able to grab and holding a snake at a distance. The tongs will allow any one with minimal to no experience to grab and move a snake safely. Tongs are essentially an extension of your arm. However, tongs have more uses the just snake handling. You can use them to reach into place you do not want to or cannot.

A handy tip for the new snake handlers, approach the snake in a calm manner and pick the snake up from the middle of the body. NEVER PICK UP THE SNAKE BY ITS HEAD, it could flip around and break its neck. Be careful and stay safe!

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