Reconyx Cameras

Reconyx is the benchmark of the trail camera industry. Reconyx cameras offer the best photo and videos on the market which is complimented by their impressive construction quality. Reconyx has been leading the trail camera industry since 2003. Reconyx is the go to camera for many industries around the world. When you buy a Reconyx IR camera you are purchasing an all American-made trail camera and the best money can buy.

Reconyx IR cameras are a specialised very high end trail camera that can be used for general security cameras, surveillance cameras, number plate cameras, factory security cameras, outdoor cameras, wildlife monitoring cameras, stock monitoring cameras, water monitoring cameras, cellular 3G cameras, anti dumping cameras, property surveillance camera, spy camera, roadside compound security cameras etc.

Reconyx cameras are ideal wherever you require a standalone outdoor motion activated camera.

Reconyx camera traps are the first choice for law enforcement officers, security officers, wildlife researchers etc worldwide.

Reconyx camera models are many and varied and include full covert flash, semi covert flash white flash(colour by night), cellular 3G, blue tooth, wifi, high image quality photo and /or video, and fast trigger speed.

Whilst we excel in selling Reconyx cameras to government departments and large scale end users we are just as happy to help you select the right camera for your application, and you can buy them directly from us.

Professional Trapping Supplies is the original Australian distributor and reseller of Reconyx products. We have been selling Reconyx cameras since 2004. If you want the right advice from a company that knows what they are talking about, call us.

Professional Trapping Supplies is the only “Reconyx Preferred Partner” outside the USA.