Animal Handling

When it comes to animal handling equipment, you want products that are designed to keep you safe and cause the animal as little distress as possible. With over 15 years of experience, Professional Trapping Supplies knows all about the best animal control equipment available in Australia.

We stock a range of products from blow darts and syringes to administer injections, to Ketch-All poles to rescue animals or keep them at a distance. Ketch-All poles are the ideal solution if you need to rescue an animal from a tree or under a building or restrain an aggressive or dangerous animal.

If you’re looking for animal handling gloves, our Heavy Duty Protection Gloves are made from cowhide leather for comfort and abrasion resistance. Our Micro Chip Scanners read and store animals’ chip numbers, and the lightweight, hand-held design makes them simple to use.

The quality brand-name cameras in our product range are tried and tested for reliability. A camera with Bluetooth connectivity and an invisible flash is crucial if you need to monitor an animal’s welfare around the clock without disturbing it.

Professional Trapping Supplies is a family-owned and operated business, which means we can give our customers first-rate service. We pride ourselves on our exceptional product knowledge, so if you have a question about our animal handling equipment, please get in touch.

For animal control equipment that will help you avoid the risk of injury to yourself or the animal — browse our product range today.