Illegal Dumping/Law Enforcement

Anti Dumping & Law Enforcement

Over the years we have been advising heaps of anti dumping & law enforcement systems throughout Australia. Therefore broadening our depth of knowledge on anti dumping cameras.

Due to our ever growing and advancing field. Every year we visit manufacturers around the world to better understand the products. So we ensure you get the right camera to suit your anti dumping surveillance program.

We have several number plate cameras. Able to capture the vehicle registration plate travelling at speed in both day and night. Our number plate cameras all have black flash technology, some can be made cellular.

Covert surveillance cameras are supplying evidence to successfully prosecute dumpers. It is imperative to use a surveillance camera that has invisible flash technology. So it most likely will be there when you return.

Some of our anti dumping surveillance cameras have the option to be a cellular camera.

We’re a preferable supplier to hundreds of government departments, councils and universities throughout Australia. If your camera gets  damage and requires repairs, we can help.

Queensland’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 was introduced to manage litter and illegal dumping. Dangerous littering can cause harm to other people, property, and the environment. Examples include leaving broken glass, syringes and throwing lit cigarette butts onto dry leafs. Offenders that leave behind illegal waste will get a fine or face penalties.

If you want to enforce illegal dumping regulations, ensure perpetrators receive the justice they deserve and protect the environment.If so we can supply you with what you need.


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