Browning Solar Camera Power Pack


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    Browning’s new Trail camera power pack is compatible with all of Browning’s trail camera models. The solar pack includes 6 AA NIMH rechargeable batteries which are constantly being topped up with charge by a highly efficient solar cell.

    The solar panel bracket can easily be mounted to any tree with the included strap, the panel is also compatible with Browning’s camera mounts.  The solar panel can be easily adjusted to the perfect angle to maximize sun exposure.

    • Provides your camera with a constant power supply
    • Solar panel angle easily adjusts to capture maximum sunlight
    • built in meter shows battery charge level and amount of solar power being used
    • Operates on 6AA NIMH batteries – batteries included
    • All metal tree mounting bracket
    • Powers your camera for up to 2 years with adequate sunlight
    • Works in wooded areas or open fields
    • 12 Volt Output – compatible with all Browning trail cameras

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