Ketch-All Snake Hook



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    Ketch-All Snake Hook

    Ketch-All Snake Hook are the ideal tool for snake handlers and rescuers to relocate snakes to a safer environment. While keeping both the rescuer and the snake as safe a possible.

    How to use a snake hook is quite simple, hook the snake just forward of the middle. To ensure there is an equal weight distribution on either side of the hook to avoid it sliding off. Picking up the tail of the snake gives you extra control over the snake and ensures the snake does not fall off. Since the snake is now suspended off the ground with the reptile hook, its striking ability has a limit. Once the snake is safely off the ground and before transport it is safest to put the reptile into Calico Bag, it keeps the snake in a calmer state as it cant see out of the bag it is breathable, light and easy to handle with a snake inside.

    It is best to keep the handling of these animals to the professionals. Due to the potential risk the snake posses to you and you pose to the snake, its best safer for both you and the snake.

    There are two sizes of Snake hooks a standard size snake hook and a collapsible snake hook. (Sizes below)

    * Standard snake hook -103cm

    * Collapsible – 46 to 103cm