Moultrie P-150 Panoramic Camera


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    If you need a wide field of view, then the Moultrie P-150 Panoramic IR camera is the one for you.  The P-150 takes three images and combines them together to make a panoramic image.

    A Low Glow camera with invisible flash, but with red glow to front when the flash is activated at night.  The main feature of this camera is the three infrared motion sensors and a moving lens that offers 150° coverage, which is up to 3 times the coverage area of a typical game camera.

    8 Megapixel
    SD Card – 32GB
    Panorama Stitch
    Triple your detection zone of a standard trail camera
    Flash range – 15 meters

    Motion sensing – 15 meters

    Delay between multiple shots – 5 seconds

    Digital zoom – 1.5 x, 2 x, 3 x

    Video – 720 x 400 VGA

    Still shot – 1 to 3

    Delay between motion sensing – 5s, 15s, 30 sec, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30min

    Sound Recording – NO

    Time lapse – Yes

    Trigger speed – 1.2 seconds

    Screen display – LCD display

    Size – 130 x 80 x 10

    Ext power socket – Yes

    Batteries – C cells only: Lithium, Ni-Mh, NO alkaline

    Program day or night – NO

    Case Colour – Camo (Camouflage)

    Low glow: invisible flash, red glow when activated at night
    8.0 megapixel infrared panoramic game camera
    Under 1-second trigger speed
    Up to 100-ft night range
    3 motion sensors cover super-wide, 150-degree detection angle
    5 operational modes:
    – 150-degree Panoramic camera – IR triggered game camera (Single Image Mode)
    – Time-lapse plot camera
    – Plot camera by day, motion detect camera at night
    – HD video day and night
    Silent-slide lens rotates to take photos or videos wherever motion
    is detected without spooking game
    Illumi-night sensor provides bright, clear nighttime images
    Motion freeze reduces nighttime blur
    Multi-Shot (1–3 pics)
    Picture Delay Settings allow delay settings ranging from 5-sec. to 1-hr.
    Password protection
    SD memory card slot — up to 32 GB
    9,000 images on 6 C-cell batteries
    New Moultrie camouflage
    Integrated strap loop with Python® cable compatibility (cable not included)

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