Scented Predator Survey Disks

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    Scented Predator Survey Disks – 110 Disks

    These solid, white/gray dry disks are made from plaster of paris (Calcium Sulfate) which serves as a controlled-release medium, for the liquid Fatty Acid Scent (FAS) that they are absorbed to capacity with. This means the malodorous odour is dispersed into the air over a period of time.

    Very helpful as an animal attractant for census or surveying of dog populations as well as for trapping.

    For census or survey lines, place one disk in the center of a three foot area containing sifted dirt or sand. This will allow detection of animal tracks to identify the animal that investigated the disk. Scent stations are usually placed routinely at a predetermined distance from each other and for a predetermined length of survey line. Check the scent stations daily and record tracks/signs of animals visiting the stations. Then erase in preparation for the next day’s recording. Replace any disks that have been removed or destroyed by visiting animals with fresh ones.

    For capturing animals, place one disk inside a live trap to attract the animal within. When using foot hold traps, place the disk in a small hole beyond the trap so that the animal must step into the trap to reach the disk.



    Do not open the jar of SPSDs inside a closed room or vehicle. Do not breath directly into the jar of SPSDs or individual disks. Open only outside or under a vented hood or room equipped with an exhaust fan. Handle the disks with tongs or with rubber/vinyl gloves. If necessary, wear a face mask to reduce prolonged odour inhalation when handling in enclosed areas. It is advisable to wear an outer garment when handling disks to reduce malodorous impregnation to clothing and skin. After handling the disks, wash hands with soap and water. Personal showering and clothes washing will help remove the residual odours.