Solar Panel with Battery


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    Solar Panel With Battery

    This Solar Panel comes with a battery power pack to ensure the camera and solar panel doesn’t run flat.

    The solar panel charges and stores charge for the camera to use over night, it suits Scoutguard and Spromise Cameras.

    It has a huge 10400Mah battery capacity, which therefore well out performs other batteries.

    Together with the larger than average battery size and solar panel it in theory can indefinitely power your camera.

    the battery and solar panel has a waterproof rating of IP65.


    Mobile Power Bank Specs

    • Battery capacity: 10400mAh
    • Output voltage/current: 5V/2A,
    • Conversion efficiency: >85%
    • Waterproof rating: IP66

    Solar Charger Specs

    • Power: 2.5 watt
    • Output voltage: 5V
    • Output current: 500mA (max)
    • Waterproof rating: IP65

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