Wildlife Acoustics SM4BATFS Full Spectrum Ultrasonic Recorder


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    Wildlife Acoustics SM4BAT FS Full-Spectrum Ultrasonic Recorder is compact, lightweight, single channel bat recorder specifically for bat research.  SM4BAT recorders’ innovative design includes a low-power processor, easy-to-use scheduling and a best-in-class ultrasonic microphone.

    The SM-4 BAT requires the SMM-U2 Ultrasonic recorder, the BAT range doesn’t have a built in microphone.

    The SM4BAT FS records to full-spectrum WAV files.  The Full-spectrum recorder allows you to record more bats with higher quality for more effective analysis, than the Zero Cross model.

    The SM4BAT uses a New Generation SMM-U2 Ultrasonic Microphone (not included) https:traps.com.au/product/new-generation-ultrasonic-microphone/ The superior signal to noise ratio ensures recording of fainter bats and bat calls at greater distances. In addition, more echolocation pulses are recorded, which allows more accurate identification.  The enclosure’s innovative waterproof design includes a built-in mounting bracket that provides a wide range of mounting options, included is a 5 meter cable but can accomodate cables up to 100m in length with no effect on recording quality.

    The SM4BAT’s intelligent recording triggers and noise file scrubber ensure you get the maximum number of bat echolocations recorded and minimize recordings that do not contain bat echolocations.  The SMM-U2 along with the SM4BAT and its advanced trigger technology produce the cleanest and quietest recordings available.

    The compact weatherproof casing has been designed from the ground up around the footprint of 4 D-size batteries and made of rugged polycarbonate.  The housing is lightweight, it has an integrated mounting bracket and weatherproof security cover keep the unit safe and dry in the most harsh environments.

    The SM4BAT is ideal for Extended Deployment, the low power microprocessor and intelligent triggers, utilising 4D size batteries,it  has a recording run time up to 450 hours (e.g. 45 x 10-hour nights) depending on bat activity and other factors.

    Easy Programming

    Available GPS Accessory