Wingscapes Birdcam Pro


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    The Wingscapes Birdcam Pro is a weatherproof, motion-activated, digital camera that takes crystal clear, 8 megapixel photos and videos of wildlife. This easy-to-use, innovative camera allows you to get a much closer look at the natural world. The beautiful photos and videos are perfect for sharing online with friends and family.

    Durable, weatherproof construction is designed for years of outdoor abuse. Nature lovers will love the new Birdcam Pro. Designed principally to monitor birds on a feeder or birdhouse, the Wingscapes Birdcam Pro is perfect for anyone interested in getting a better look at any type of wildlife. It also makes a great security camera!

    Simple to set up and easy to use, the Birdcam Pro includes a host of powerful features, such as an adjustable flash for night-time photos and videos and a time lapse setting for recording subjects like weather, plants, or construction.

    A 2 inch colour preview screen makes navigating the camera menus intuitive and simple, review images right there on the camera.

    • Photo 8 MP
    • Adjustable resolutions
    • Video 640 x 480 @10fps
    • Up to 30 seconds of footage
    • Focus From 15cm