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J.C Conner "Jake" Trap

Jake trap open

Suitable for dogs. Features a dogless trap with double gun notch. Large heavy-duty pan with adjustments for pan tension and for high or low pan.

Special 4-coil wire lever springs made from the best grade music wire available to produce both POWER and SPEED.

Jaws with 1/4" offset are riveted to base and have 3/16" Thicker Jaw addition and smooth rounded jaw edges.  The loose jaw lays flat! The jaws are designed to accept specially designed rubber pads that are included, making the Jake™ Trap the most versatile trap on the market.

Heavy-duty center D-ring baseplate rigged with three MB Crunchproof swivels, welded link chain, tough TBar ™ Shock Spring and a Chesnut double stake ring.

Jake #1: Price: $99.00 each Back in Stock!  Also diggers, sifters etc.

Replacement jaw rubbers: Jake R1: Price: $6.00 per pair

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Bridger Foot Hold Traps

Suitable for wild dogs and canines.

Bridger #3 with JC Conner springPhoto left: BR 3RJ4C: Bridger #3, 4 coil/spring: with JC Conner spring and double stake ring. 

"... a rugged, heavy duty trap."

Contact us now on Tel: 0408 440 242 for the best price and more details.

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See also Steel stakes and additional trap hardware available, along with trap setter and tester.

Minnesota Brands Foot Hold Traps

Minnesota Brand is a US designed and made, by trappers, for trappers.  Suitable for wild dogs and foxes.

MB650-OL foothold trap MB650-RJ foot hold trap

"... a solid, well-built trap that won't come apart at the seams when a big [canine] tests the connection."

Photo left: MB650-RJ: Minnesota Brands MB650 with rubber jaws.

Photo right: MB650-OL: Minnesota Brands MB650 with Outside Laminated Jaw, Wild dog foot trap.

For the best price contact us now on Tel: 0408 440 242.

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See also Steel stakes and additional trap hardware available, along with trap setter and tester.

Oneida Victor soft catch traps

Victor soft catch trapsRubber jaws ensure that the animal is not injured when captured.

Extensive tests have shown that this is the type to use if you are committed to using non harmful traps.

Victor traps can be supplied as either Standard or with hardware, as illustrated in the adjacent photo, which shows a small length of chain with a parallel shock spring.

  • VICTOR No 1: suitable for rabbits Price: $39.60 each
  • VICTOR No 1 & 1/2: suitable for foxes Price: $41.80 each
  • VICTOR No 1 & 3/4 x 4 spring suitable for dogs and foxes Price: $60.00 each
  • VICTOR No 3 x 2 spring: suitable for dogs Price: $53.90 each
  • VICTOR No 3 x 4 spring: suitable for dogs Price: $66.00 each

Fully Fitted up traps.  We can supply traps fully fitted up and ready to go with added black chain, MB crunch proof swivels and a double stake ring for an additional $19.00 per trap.

Replaceable jaw rubbers: Victor #1 ½  and Victor #3 Price: $6.00 per pair

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Also available: Steel stakes and additional trap hardware, along with trap setter and tester.

Also check out our range of Ketch-All poles, grabbers, bite sticks, throw nets and other animal control and rescue products.

"Little Ripper" Trap Setter Proudly Australian Made

Little Ripper being set

As seen on ABC TV's "The New Inventors".  The safe & easy way to set soft catch traps.

Australian made, heavy gauge, hot galvanised steel plate and fittings, designed for "Jake" and Onedia Victor traps.  Model JV3 for J.C.Conner "Jake" and Victor No.3 soft catch traps Model V2 for Victor 1 1/2 soft catch traps

Wide pan base plate allows for trap setting on soft sand or soil.  The trap is placed on top with chain, shock spring, swivels and stake ring in the channel under the trap.

Solid steel hooks are fitted to each side of trap. With downward pressure on the loading lever with one hand trap is fully opened and the other hand is free to lock the pan in place. Use one foot and you have both hands free to set the pan. So easy, even the up and coming young trapper can set a trap as heavy as the "Jake".

Click here for full Little Ripper PDF (opens in new window)

Littile Ripper: Price: $199.00 each

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Sullivan Trap Tester

Sullivan trap tester

Hal Sullivan's trap tester allows you to check and set release pressure on all makes of foot hold traps, including "Jake" and Victor.

Price: $29.95 each

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